Judy Harris

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She was a Mammoth School Teacher. Both her and her husband were born in a birthing house on 8th St. The birther was and English nurse who ended up on welfare at one point because she would take patients in who couldn’t pay. Judy Harris now lives two doors down from the birthing house with her husband. Her grandfather came from Wisconsin and then her parents lived in Yellowstone Park in the 1930s. Judy and her husband had 3 boys and 1 girl, but all 3 boys were diagnosed with diabetes. They lost their 2nd and 3rd sons to diabetes. When she started out as a teacher she taught 3rd grade. There were animals on the playground all the time because the school was on the park. Mammoth was lucky enough to be well funded because of a bill that had been passed. When she was first hired in 1963 her salary was $4,500 a year, but she quickly got a raise to $5,200. Her husband was also a teacher, but at Gardner another school nearby. 100 years from now she just hopes that the park itself has not changed all that much.

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