Elvira Dean Nelson

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She live in Livingston Montana. She was born in Sprigdale, Montana. She went to school in Springdale until high school. After that she had to ride with a guy to Livingston and back for high school. During her junior year in high school she met her future husband who was working as a telegrapher at the railroad station. After they got together she had to finish her last year of school with a corresponding course. She a housewife and he worked on the railroad his whole life. They would go to Yellowstone to camp and get away from town. They never went in the summer unless they had people visiting. They would go in the fall and spring when animals would be coming out of hibernation. She had 2 boys, five years apart. When the oldest became a teenager, she became a book keeper at the nursing home. This was her first job ever and she worked there for 5 years and then quit. She then worked at the park clinic for over 20 years. When her husband retired, she quit her job and they traveled around the US. Over the years, traffic has gotten bad especially crossing highway 89 to get to the park. The amount of tourist has largely increased along with the commercialization of the town. In 100 years from now she hopes that the remembered as being a railroad town and a very close knit community. She hopes that the community can regain some of the closeness if has lost due to urbanization.

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