John Bailey

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The interview is being conducted in the Fly Fishing Store. The Fly Fishing Store is a family owned and operated business which his father opened. His father was a professor and mother was from Long Island. They drove west for their honeymoon and then returned in 1937. His mother drove off the road near Bosman. She had to come back to Livingston to go to the hospital and during that time his father saw a store front for $25 a month and rented it. Later in Mr. Bailey’s life he joined the army. When he got out of the army he couldn’t get back into school so he came back to Livingston. He started working in the family business. Over the years there has been much change around the town. The government proposed to run pipes through the rivers in the 1960s and 70s but people were outraged. Yellowstone is the only major river that’s left that’s undammed. The water in the state has a right to be in its own stream flow, passed in the 1970s. This helps protect the rivers from pipes and coals. 100 years from now, he hopes that things don’t change. There are no major rivers left except Yellowstone and he hopes that it’s still around.

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