Michael McCormick

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He works in the Livingston Food Pantry. They see many people at the pantry because they have very low paying jobs that have little to no benefits and cannot make a living. Many of the jobs are seasonal, so people become unemployed when tourism season is down. The food pantry also has a classroom, meeting room, and a commercial kitchen. They help people build skills and train them for jobs. They also bake their own bread and distribute it. He went to a nice school and worked in corporate management right after school. He was raised in a corporate America environment and was shielded to the struggles of others. Working in the food pantry has truly opened his eyes to what others go through and what he believes to be the heart of the nation. He has learned that people are asking for food at a pantry it is not because they are lazy or do not want to get a job, but because they cannot get ahead. He believes that everyone should volunteer at a food pantry at some point in their lives, so they can become understanding and appreciative.

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