Richard Moore

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The interview is taking place in Mammoth, Wyoming. Deputy chief ranger over support services at Yellowstone. He’s only been at that park for about 9 weeks, but it’s also the same park he started at in 1998. He majored in political science and history and was in the prelaw program. He had plans to go to law school. He got into law enforcement after graduation at a metropolitan department in Nashville, TN. He worked in Nashville for nearly 7 years. A friend of his suggested that he look into becoming a park ranger, so he came to Yellowstone even though it would be a pay cut and only seasonal. Biggest change that he sees within the park is the type of plants that are growing. Much more plants are growing after the decrease in deer and elk as a result of the reintroduction of wolves. He has to find a balance between protecting people in the park and also protecting the animals from potential poachers. He wishes that when people visit 100 years from now the view in the park is still the same as it is now. He hopes that the lake and the wildlife are still there.

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