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The Faculty Senate represents the faculty and exercise the delegated authority of the faculty in the consideration of all policies that affect the academic mission of Longwood University. Faculty Senate may initiate legislation concerning educational policy. Under the final authority of the President and the Board of Visitors, Faculty Senate advises and makes recommendations on matters of curriculum, academic programs and policies; faculty development; and faculty status. The Faculty Senate may discuss, debate, and formulate position on other matters it deems appropriate.

Regular monthly meetings of the Faculty Senate are held during the academic year and special meetings may be called. The Executive Committee setts the agenda and makes it available to all faculty.

Recommendations passed by Faculty Senate will be signed by the Chair of the Senate and forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs or other appropriate administrator for approval. Recommendations approved by the administration will be implemented in a timely fashion. Recommendations requiring Board of Visitors action, when approved by the President, be sent to the Board of Visitors.

Faculty Senate Committees are elected by the Senate or appointed by the Executive Committee and report to Faculty Senate. Committees include Faculty Senate and non-Faculty Senate members. All committee members have voting privileges in the conduct of committee business. Standing Faculty Senate committees will have at least one member per each academic college and no more than one member per academic department, unless there are good reasons to make exceptions.

Ad hoc committees may be established by Faculty Senate and/or the Executive Committee and last for no more than a year, unless their existence is extended by specific action of the Faculty Senate and/or Executive Committee.


This collection was transferred to the Archives from the Administrative Assistant of Faculty Senate. Additionally, some minutes and agendas have been collected by the library staff and added to the collection.

Scope and Content

The Faculty Senate materials include agendas, minutes, reports, policies, and correspondence (memorandums and letters) of the Faculty Senate. This collection is organized according to Faculty Senate Minutes, Faculty Senate Reports, Faculty Senate policy proposals and Faculty Senate’s Education Policy Committee (EPC) reports.

Minute records include the agenda and minutes for meetings. The Faculty Senate Reports include Faculty Senate committee annual reports and other miscellaneous reports. The Faculty Senate Policy Proposals includes policy proposals and supporting documentation relevant to policy changes, additions, and deletions related to the Faculty Policy and Procedures Manual (FPPM). The Faculty Senate Educational Policy Committee (EPC) Reports include EPC reports and curriculum proposals and supporting documentation relevant to course additions and deletions.


This collection consists of 5 Hollinger Document Boxes (2.085 linear feet).


There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Additional minutes of the Faculty Senate from 2006-Present can also be found online. View the full finding aid here: Faculty Senate LU-034


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