Longwood University hosts an annual fall research conference for its undergraduate students.

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Beyond the Virus: Analyzing the Effect of Covid-19 on Literacy Scores

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How Can I Motivate Students that Act out in Class?

Heart Attack: Jaxon's Story

Relationship Among Routine Preference and Openness to Experience, During Covid-19, with Rates of Psychological Distress

Why are Dental Anxieties so Prevalent: Effects on Dental Hygiene

An examination of Risk Factors of Cancer

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Incorporating Movement into the Classroom

Combining Treatments for Opioid Addictions

Do adults with bacterial infections develop less of an antibiotic resistance with IV antibiotics than with oral antibiotics after a full course of treatment?

The Effects of Teenage Pregnancy on a Teen Mother's Socio-Emotional Development and Processes

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Conservation and Trafficking of the Pangolin

Learn how lifestyle choices can have an impact on your life if you are living with Chronic Asthma.