Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Mary Carroll-Hackett, M.F.A

Second Advisor

Robert "Brett" Hursey, Ph.D

Third Advisor

Craig A. Challender, Ph.D


The purpose of the short story is to create characters who reveal the theme of hope in dire circumstances in short story form. The interest being in unlovable characters who are considered unlovable because of their actions. The author views unlovable characters as more loveable. She is interested in the backstory of each unlovable character and how they face life’s hardest moments. The author gives each character a history and individual qualities so that the reader can understand the reasoning behind their actions. The author created an understanding of perspectives. She shed light on the idea that characters who commit absurd actions are unlovable, when in fact, the characters have undergone significant feelings of loss. The characters overcome the difficulty and build a desire for hope which allows readers to view the characters as lovable.

Included in

Fiction Commons



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