Date of Award


Degree Type


First Advisor

Charles E. Kinzer, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Gordon L. Ring, D.M.A.

Third Advisor

Patricia D. Lust, D.M.A.


By discovering musical and non-musical factors that motivate middle school students to become successful in playing an instrument and continuing in band, directors will be able to reduce the attrition rates in their programs. Factors explored in this project included student motivation, improvement in skills, performance preference and social aspects. Pre-term and post-term surveys were created for students and their parents in grades sixth, seventh and eighth. Pre-term survey information contributed to the development and implementation of lesson plans, performance opportunities, and classroom activities. Post-term survey information was used to evaluate the extent to which student's needs and expectations for participating in band were met, as well the extent to which the parent's expectations were met during the school term. Information gathered from student and parent surveys will allow band directors to gain pertinent information to help meet the needs and expectations of their students and parents.


Band Director, Middlesex County Public Schools

Middlesex, Virginia

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