Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Education

First Advisor

Dr. Ruth Lyn Meese

Second Advisor

Dr. Patty Whitfield

Third Advisor

Dr. Rachel Mathews


This study analyzed data collected from a small, rural school division to determine how the integration of students with SLD into general education classrooms was being implemented. Specifically, a survey was conducted to determine if appropriate accommodations were being made for these students and how student outcomes were being evaluated. Respondents included all personnel who were involved in the evaluation and eligibility processes for students with SLD (N=140). Results indicated that, although some active efforts are occurring to integrate students with SLD into general education classrooms, no formal plan for implementation exists in the school division surveyed. General education teachers were required to make minimal accommodations for students with SLD. In addition, outcomes were not being evaluated, and no category-specific outcomes-monitoring measures were reported.



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