Date of Award


Degree Type


First Advisor

Patricia Lust, D.M.

Second Advisor

Charles E. Kinzer, Ph.D

Third Advisor

Lisa B. Kinzer, D.M.A.


Research shows assessment is an important part of education. However, information on assessment in music is often limited to secondary education leaving elementary music teachers to devise their own systems of evaluation students. This teacher research addresses elementary music assessment by examining the implementation of student portfolios as a way to manage the data that is created in the music classroom. The portfolios were compiled using fourth grade student work which was divided into section that mirror the MENC National Standards. This research shows that student portfolios provide tangible evidence of student understanding to be shared with teachers, parents, and administrators. Portfolios save time by utilizing embedded assessments and result in more authentic assessment. The portfolios reveal the standards students struggle with as well as the standards in which they show competency. This research also provides suggestions on how to improve the process of creating student portfolios.


You can find a bound copy in Greenwood Library. It can be foundhere.



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