Date of Award


Degree Type




First Advisor

William C. Burger, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Kenneth B. Perkins, Ph.D.

Third Advisor

Peggy L. Tarpley, Ph.D.


Delinquency has been examined by many disciplines. There is no single explanation for delinquency. This study tests Hirschi's Theory on a group of adolescents that violate laws that have not been adjudicated delinquents. These adolescents have not been labeled delinquent, but have been placed in a facility to assist at-risk adolescents. A modified version of Elliot's National Youth Study questionnaire was used to measure delinquency. This data gathered indicated a significant decline in delinquency while participating in the program. Hirschi's theory is an empirical test found to be relevant to these adolescents.



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