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Honors Paper


The purposes of this study are: to find out what is the Great Dismal Swamp, including what is its origin, and what is its historical background; to recognize and describe the occurrence of soil, water, forests, and wild-life in the Dismal Swamp, their nature, and their interrelationship as natural resources which are dependent upon each other; to acquire a working knowledge of the meaning of conservation and of the beneficial effects of resource management; and to investigate and discuss the conditions which actually have been and are threatening the Great Dismal today in order to consider the possibilities of development as well as preservation of the Great Dismal Swamp for the future.

The methods of study in this project include references to books, to magazine articles and newspaper articles (both current and reprinted), and to publications such as pamphlets and booklets. Views of maps and views of films also were informative. Furthermore, people - individuals and organizations - were most cooperative in response to letters, telephone conversations, interviews, forums, and in providing unpublished statements. Finally, fascinating aspects of the study were perceived through trips into the Virginia area of the Great Dismal by both land and water.

Although more than half of the present territory of the Swamp is in North Carolina, this study has been limited in scope to the Great Dismal Swamp of Virginia. The area is of easier access from the Virginia side; many of its canals lie within Virginia; and its most striking feature, Lake Drummond, is entirely in Virginia.



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