Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors Paper

First Advisor

Alec Hosterman, Ph.D.


In a world of rapidly advancing technology, understanding social media is very important. Snapchat has been able to shed its early negative reputation to become one of the most consistently popular applications on the market. The purpose of this study is to understand how Snapchat users, use the app to build and maintain friendships. The study will also determine how Snapchat effects different levels of social relationships. The qualitative research method was used to conduct interviews of active Snapchat users. The questions required detailed and descriptive answers based on participants past experiences using Snapchat. The data was examined for themes and commonalities, finding that primary interaction on Snapchat is between to strong friends. Interaction with less personal ties is rare to nonexistent. That indicates that interaction on Snapchat, requires a strong social bond on a personal level, before connecting digitally.



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