Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors Paper

First Advisor

Eva J. McCreary,


Fresh whole roasting chickens were inoculated with a culture containing 2 .5 x 105 Salmonella typhimurium. Water or tomato sauce was added, and the chickens were cooked for six hours at the low temperature setting of the slow cooker . The pH of the sauce or broth was determined before and after cooking. At the end of the cooking period , samples were taken to determine whether any organisms survived the cooking process .

The slow cooker was effective in destroying the Salmonella typhimurium on the chickens . None were detected at the end of the cooking period .

Tests to determine the survival time of the organism on the chickens showed that the Salmonellae were destroyed at ·a lower temperature in the chickens wit h tomato sauce than in the chickens cooked with water. The low pH of the tomato sauce apparently aided in destruct ion of the organism .



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