Date of Award

Spring 2002

Degree Type

Honors Paper


Communication Studies


SENIOR THESIS - Communication Studies, Spring 2002

Laura Veazey. Deborah Tannen Meets Walt Disney: A Study of Gender Communication in Animated Films. 5-03-02. 22 pgs.

Bridgette Horsley [title page not included] 24 pgs.

Athena Oliff. Do You See What I am Saying? A Study of Meaning in Signs. May 5, 2002. 20 pgs.

Elizabeth Rose Hadrys. Excercising the Lungs and the Hands of Justice Amending the Constitution Through the Rights of Flag Burning .May 2, 2002. 20 pgs.

Stephanie Ann Stevens. Bridging the Gap: A Case Study of the Effect of Popular Music/ Culture, MTV and BET. April 24, 2002. 25 pgs.

Blakley Edwards Why Does American Love Reality Television. May 6, 2002. 21 pgs.

David Gregory. Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood and the Concept of the Emerging Adult. May 5, 2002 22 pgs.

Matthew Steven Rinker. The Centralization of Political Campaigning. Spring 2002. 27 pgs.

Eric Foor. Television Violence and Perception : The Difference Between Males and Females. April 24, 2002. 22 pgs.

Allyson Blake. [untitled/no title page included] Spring 2002. 20 pgs



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