Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors Paper


Liberal Studies

First Advisor

George C. Stonikinis, Jr., M.S.W.


Researchers have studied various factors affecting student achievement ranging from school location to parental socioeconomic status. The study that follows examines whether the socioeconomic status of a school locality affects student achievement on standardized tests, particularly results on the 2002 Standards of Learning tests. For purposes of this study, the socioeconomic status of a school locality is referred to as the Composite Index Local Ability to Pay, or Composite Index Score (CIS). Findings from this study indicate a strong global correlation does exist between the factors, CIS and SOL test results; however, when the data is separated into two subcategories, school localities obtaining a 70% or above pass rate and school localities obtaining a 50% or below pass rate, results indicate a strong correlation does not exist. Though the correlation between community wealth and student achievement on standardized tests in most cases remains weak by statistical standards, a slight correlation does appear and provides the argument for further studies, such as a multiple regression study where numerous factors that may contribute to student achievement could be examined.



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