Date of Award


Degree Type

Honors Paper



First Advisor

Michelle Parry, Ph.D.


A Tesla coil is a special type of step-up transformer. It takes an input current at a given frequency and voltage, increases the frequency and voltage via resonant induc­ tive coupling, and outputs a very high frequency, high voltage current . While it was originally intended as a means of wirelessly transferring energy, the output from a Tesla coil been used in the arts to move paint around on a glass surface using extremely high voltages on the order of 1 megavolt (MV) or 1000000 volts (V). The aim of this project was to scientifically determine what these mechanisms are in order to have a more thor­ ough understanding of this process and provide valuable information for future research endeavors. This was achieved by testing several different materials on different types and thicknesses of glass and recording how much they moved in response to a 3 second stimulus from the Tesla coil. It was determined that there is a significant difference be­ tween the different types of glass, the different thicknesses, and the different materials.



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