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As an art education student who relies heavily on the resources that Bedford has to offer, I was heartbroken that I would be not only taken away from my friends at school due to COVID-19, but this building that has become a second home to me. Without the effort and inspiration of my professors, I think I would have had a much different experience coming home and continuing on with my semester as an art education major; however, their hard work and dedication to continue teaching and inspiring has not gone unnoticed, and has helped me to be successful at home. While attending Longwood's classes in person definitely enhance and enrich our learning as were provided with the best technology and mediums to succeed, it's truly the people there that bring about success. My professors are driven, hardworking people who have helped us to grow as artists over this difficult time, and I am inspired by each and everyone one of them. Pictured below is a piece I worked on over quarantine for my sculpture class. I wanted to represent my love for this school in a big way, so I created a 4' x 5' sculpture of Longwood's logo. The materials used are medium sized rocks and mulch.

Quarantine Art



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