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Colour vision deficiencies affect approximately eight percent of the male population, yet the condition is often overlooked in the educational setting despite the pervasiveness of colour in the school. The purpose of this study was to explore how elementary school librarians provide instruction and prepare the library environment to meet the needs of students with colour vision deficiencies. Findings indicate that elementary school librarians in Virginia did not feel knowledgeable about colour vision deficiencies but were interested in knowing more and expressed a desire to make changes. The case study participants'ʹ knowledge increased from pre-­‐‑test to post-­‐‑test. There were noticeable changes in beliefs and desires to change behaviours. The changes in the case study participants lend support to the need for colour vision deficiency awareness training for elementary school educators.




Reprinted, with permission, from School Libraries Worldwide Vol. 21 Issue 1, January 2015, p108-120

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Collins, K. (2015). What do Elementary School Librarians Know and Believe about Students with Color Vision Deficiencies?. School Libraries Worldwide, 21(1), 108-120.